Environmental restoration

Creation of environmental conditions for the production in agro-ecological systems diversified

Improve the quality of life of the rural population through the restoration and conservation of soil and water.

The project, which is born of several years of cooperation with the Universidad Veracruzanadevelops in the Sierra de Santa Marta, Veracruz, mexico, with a population of native communities nuntajiyi’ (popolucas) and mestizo, where the deterioration of the soils and the scarcity of water has a direct impact on the production of food.

The climatic conditions of this region of the southeast of Mexico are special. A time of heavy rain followed by dry, make it necessary to establish a system that allows the uptake of water during the period of greatest precipitation for storage and subsequent use. The aim of the project is to create conditions for retaining the necessary water to produce food during the dry season in agro-ecosystems, a variety of cornfields and orchards, a variety of fruit trees.

Sierra de Santa Marta, Veracruz