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For a healthy diet with seeds at its center

In 2007, we founded a Civil Association of citizens who are convinced of the importance of food for our health, which is why we are interested in the ways in which our food is produced.

The work we do concerns the quality of the seeds that are at the basis of agriculture. More specifically our work focusses on the conservation of knowledge and of Mexican maize races, as well as associated species that grow in the Milpa (known as the Three sisters in English), which is the polyculture-growing system used in Mesoamerica.

We come from different spheres of action and seek to join the efforts of civil society organizations, public institutions, producers, maize experts in Mexico and abroad, as well as scientists and academics from various areas to contribute to the healthy diet of Mexicans through sustainable agriculture.

Our work includes the following missions

1. To inform about the risks of the modern hegemonic food system and to inform about the benefits of sustainable agriculture and healthy food.

2. To join the efforts of various sectors of society, mainly academics, farmers and consumers, to restore and strengthen agrobiodiversity and to find a balance between food production and food consumption.

3. To expand the experiences of production and consumption of healthy foods in the context of sustainable agriculture, so food sovereignty can be guaranteed in Mexico.

4. To promote the protection of maize because Mexico is its center of origin and diversity and because it is the most important food crop for its inhabitants.

5. To be a reliable reference to society, politicians and the media as a source of balanced and well-founded informed opinion.

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