Fair Exchange Native Seed

On December 8th, 2002, we participated in the organization of the fair of Native Seeds in the Ejido of Coyúca de Benítez, Guerrero, organized on the 16th anniversary of the Annual Union of Peoples organized by PADS, Unicam-South, a Network of Women Working for the Common Good, Share-a-Campesino Agroecology, REGMAÍZ and Agroviva. During the fair split of the everyday practices in a sample for the defence of the sovereignty of the local food, the strengthening of the small-scale family farmers, seed-free, the disposal of agro-toxics and protection against the patents of our bio-cultural heritage.

The seed fair was an action to prove that the seeds and the culinary culture derived from them need all of us to continue to evolve, and their defense should continue to exist and spread. With these actions, we strengthen the local community and spread a collaborative spirit, self help, commitment and a social conscience, to continue to be the guardians of our own seeds.

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