Campaign against the reform of the Law of Plant Varieties

The reform of the Law of Plant Varieties will point to privatise the seeds in Mexico, through the protection of the rights of the so-called “breeders” of the seeds, that is to say, corporations and public institutions. This reform would violate the rights of peasant and indigenous communities to select, save and exchange seeds, which are in reality those who have protected and developed the seeds for thousands of years.

From Seeds of Life, and in collaboration with other organizations, académicxs and defensorxs of human rights, we have mobilized to prevent this reform to pass. Here you can view the latest press release.

It was at the beginning of the year 2022 turned to put practically the same reform initiative, and we had to intensify the campaign and until today we have braking. Here is more information for you to know that is what has happened in these past few months: 

Our seeds in danger, February 2, 2022

The harvest of the seeds privatized unable to save or share, it would be a crime, and if in any case, accidentally had a cross genetics, as naturally occurs, and the farmers would be creditors of fines or destruction of their crops.

By Malin Jönsson, Seed of Life, and Viridiana Lazarus Lembrino, Greenpeace Mexico, 

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Seeds in danger, march 13

The initiative, according to a document of the ‘national Campaign without corn there is no country’, proposes to ban the practice peasant's millennial acriollamiento of the seeds, “a derivative-free use, selection, exchange and cross-breeding of varieties, both native and improved, in order to obtain varieties that are better adapted to the needs and conditions of cultural and agro-ecological context of peasant production”.

Defenders of the corn warn initiative, which seeks to privatize seeds, 12 April

Organizations corn, warned that in the Chamber of Deputies seeks to revive the initiative on amendments to the Federal Law of Variants Plant, which promotes to provide “legal certainty to the breeders of innovations in the field of plant varieties”. This, they point out, is contrary to the protection of this seed that has flagged the fourth transformation.

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CONTRALÍNEA live | Defenders of the corn warn initiative, which seeks to privatize seeds13 April 

Mexican corn in risk for reform initiative that encourages transgenic, April 15

In the Chamber of Deputies would approve an amendment to the Federal Law on Plant Varieties that violates the varieties of mexican corn. The initiative encourages the production of transgenic, as it promotes protect the “breeders of innovations in the field of plant varieties”; that is to say, large transnational corporations in agriculture, alert the doctor Malin Jönsson, coordinator of the Foundation Seed of Life.

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The president is pronounced against any reform that promotes the use of gmos.  Conference president AMLO (Minute 1:39), April 27:

Another action that we carried out are webinars, informational, where voices of the peasant farmers, the indigenous people of expertxs and organizations we talk about the dangers of this reform:

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