Peasant protection of native maize

Characterization, conservation and participatory breeding

Conservation of agrobiodiversity in the hands of rural communities.

In 2020 we started a collaborative project with the support of CONACYT, which was the result of more than 20 years of research and work among the participants, it aims to promote and protect native maize in the hands of rural communities. 

To be able to preserve and develop the biodiversity of native maize, it is essential to reassess the strategies used in the communities for generations, and strengthen the dialogue of knowledges. To this end, it was decided to collaboratively perform several actions such as the characterization and participatory breeding native maize varieties, fairs, seed exchange, in situ community and family seed funds , in addition to the promotion of the diversity of dishes from the milpa. We have the privilege of having the collaboration of organizations and universities in the regions of central, west, south and southeast of Mexico, whose presence is essential to the development of the project. 

On September 24th and 25th, we carried out the first National Fair Farmer Seed Exchange in Cencalli, The Home of Maize and Center of Food Culture in Los Pinos, the former presidential house in Mexico City. We had the participation of peasant communities of 16 states of the republic, at least 200 people; we exchanged and we planted the seeds, there was a market for products and food of the milpa, roundtable discussions, workshops, dance and music.

What we are:

Until 2023 we have managed to build support for local funding and seed fairs, workshops, conservation and participatory breeding, in addition to support strategies for rainwater collection. Here you can read more about the progress:

In this project we have the collaboration of ten organizations and universities across the length and breadth of the country: