The Semillas de Vida (Seed of Life) Foundation was born out of the conviction that the quality of our food depends on the seeds and of those who produce them. Guided by this idea, a group of people from diverse backgrounds formed the Foundation in 2006, which was later constituted as a Civil Association in October 2007.

Since our origin, we set out to unite the efforts of producers, consumers, as well as scientific and academic areas relevant to to contribute to the knowledge, conservation and improvement of the breeds of Mexican maize and of the associated species in the traditional milpa system under sustainable agriculture. To this end, we acted from a multiplicity of approaches, either working with other networks, through participation in and organization of seed exchange fairs and in-situ conservation projects in situ, tracking and giving visibility to legislative processes, development of academic research and participation in international events, among others.



We come from different professional and academic backgroundstogether we have experience in the areas of policy, environmental studies, sociology, rural studies and administration, as well as practical knowledge in the organization of workshops, group activities, group activities, public events and exchanges of knowledge, thanks to the sum of our trajectories in diverse groups.

The motivation behind our actions is to move towards the generation of production options, which keep the seeds in the hands of peasants, based on their capabilities, knowledge, skills and, above all, the wealth of genetic resources that have been generated and screened for their benefit and that of humanity. We observe that agrobiodiversity ––understood as a complex between biodiversity and knowledge– has not been given proper recognition– and even less a strong support on the part of governments, national and international organizations, private sector, and in general of the society, all of which are widely benefited by what peasants and their knowledge have created and maintained in their field. To secure a fair and sustainable production is critical not only for producers, but for society as a whole.


Malin Jönsson: Coordinator


Lucero Juambelz: Management


Maria Fernanda Cobo: Public relations


Joseph Sampietro: Communication and Social Networks


Tania Monserratt Téllez Serrano: Coordination Of Advocacy


Francisco Montaño: Procuración de fondos e incidencia política