Recovery of the corn of the CDMX

Linking the fields of maize, of the CDMX with the local markets

In collaboration with CONABIO and Global Environmental Factulty (GEF) with the project Agrobiodiversity Mexican, we have been able to amplify the process of linking between compradorxs and productorxs of corn in the Valley of Mexico.

The project aims to protect the corn in the hands of peasants, through the assessment of these and of their production process, to achieve a better sale price of that regularly paid to the one who produces. The project seeks to link, by means of short-chain to productorxs of corn in the CDMX with lxs compradorxs aware of the grain and thus to promote it keep the biodiversity associated with the corn.

Work with production companies and producers 

In the framework of this project the team of Seeds in conjunction with CONABIO visit plots of producers.

Maricela Leyva
Santa Ana Tlacotenco, Milpa Alta, Mexico City
Hervin Godoy
Xochimilco, Mexico City
Hermilio Flores
Santa Ana Tlacotenco, Milpa Alta, Mexico City