Class action lawsuit against the planting of transgenic corn

We are a community of people who decided to legally defend the native maize in its center of origin, with the threat that it represents the transgenic maize.

“Mexico is the birthplace is the birthplace of the corn plant, which formed a twinning relationship in your territory to dozens of cultures, whose loving care and observation during some generations in nine thousand years, they have diversified to 60 races and thousands of varieties, we proudly call it corn creoles, or natives, our heritage. The corn is today the plant most planted in the world – and by their genetic wealth of the food is more durable and versatile of humanity.

Just twenty years ago the chemical companies more large and damaging of the world (such as Monsanto, Syngenta, Dupont and Dow), created in the laboratory in transgenic plants and bought the seed companies to monopolize your sales and multiply your wealth with the power of humanity. Obtained the patent of seeds of corn, just to add a gene that allows it to survive the application of herbicide; so all the grass dies unless the transgenic corn absorbed herbicide as a sponge and die herbs whose flowers hold the bees... in the crops of corn, cotton, mustard and soybean transgenic already do not need to peasants – only a tractor, a plane, transgenic seeds, and their chemical synthetic”

Federico Berrón

Photo: Carlos Hahn

After 8 years, the past 13 October 2021, unanimously lxs ministrxs of the First Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation have been resolved and invalidated the 4 shelters against the precautionary measure brought by the large transnational companies of the agro-industry, setting a historic precedent, the result of years of mobilization and struggle in defense of biodiversity and our corn natives.

For 10 years we have managed to prevent the planting of maize #gm in Mexico

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